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Did you know?

   That over 55% of the population will soon be living in 7 million High-Rise buildings and growing at a rate of over 1 million new residents per week. That means 100s to 1000s of residents per building, creating massive hyper-local communities with the potential to offer residents 100s of new opportunities, skills and services. Since Search, Social-Media, Online shopping and Home Delivery heavily influence our daily decisions, we are separated from supporting our neighbor and our valuable local communities. Residents have become isolated. 

   Bubbles Networks will provide a fun new alternative “Personal Virtual Bubbles“, a virtual representative of yourself and your preferences. Personal Bubbles represent the future blueprint for how to discreetly promote “your” interests to others and receive matching information, all without the need of big-tech or your private data. Use your Virtual Bubble to connect to your building and your community. Only what’s relevant to you enters your bubble. Local awareness based on our preferences, enables us all to be more selective, engaged, supportive and efficient. We save lots of time and money, while accessing and discovering new local opportunities, updates or services we like, that others in our building and community have to offer.


Did You Know?

   Search, Social, eMail and Shopping services from Big-tech are all very valuable but they were not designed for today’s privacy or to promote a high-rise & support local-first lifestyle. They are paid to influence our time and decisions elsewhere.

Virtual Bubbles technology is full of innovation like AAR and as easy-to-use as Netflix, simply select your preferences and discover what comes directly to your virtual bubble from your building and community. Access is 24/7, like your very own personal on-demand TV channel. Your Virtual Bubble refreshes automatically, receiving the latest building alert, offer, event or any of the local services you selected as relevant and all without unwanted external distractions or influence.

   Use your new Virtual Bubble to access new hyper-local services, opportunities or issues within your building from staff and other residents. Then use it to safely promote your preferences to the local business community, allowing them to potentially attract you and 100s of others as loyal customers, all within comfortable stumbling home, walking distances