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   Globally, 1M new residents per week are moving into some 6M+ High-Rise buildings in 100s of cities. The buildings have now become huge but ununified communities.

It is no secret Big-Tech companies that dominate Search, Social and Shopping are helpful but their business models are now deemed to be extremely harmful, separating residents from their local community economy. A “Resident & Community First” alternative service is now required. 

  Bubbles Networks is the 1st “Hyperlocal Real-Time Awareness Network with Personal Virtual Bubbles”. An accurate and personalized community experience for improving the lifestyles of high-rise residents within their building and immediate communities.

Through your Virtual Bubble and menu, you simply select your building and your interests, then  Subscribe. The community then subscribes back to your bubble the exact same way. Its as easy than Netflix.

Virtual Bubbles are On-Demand – 24/7 and require no private ID or data. Just open, view or listen to short daily alerts and offers that are 100% “relevant to you” , directly from residents or your immediate community. 

   Hyperlocal alerts notify you about services, opportunities or issues within your building.

   Local Alerts notify you about any offer, opportunity, service, restaurant, business, person or event that is relevant to you and within walking distance.

Both will improve your daily efficiency and help your community by widening your local choices, saving you time and money. We provide only “what’s good for you to know”.


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